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Frequently Asked Questions

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What type of groups I can book with Traveland?

Any 10 passengers with the same interest are considered to be a group.
Traveland handles groups for:

  • Family occasions, tours or cruises.
  • Churches, synagogues and other faith organizations.
  • Elementary schools and high schools.
  • Colleges, universities and other educational institutes.
  • Non-profit organizations.
  • Many more!

How far in advance should I consider booking my group?

You may book your group up to 11 months in advance. However, we have some arrangements with certain airlines that will allow an earlier booking.

How many people consist of a group?

Traveland and most airlines recognized a group as a minimum of 10 passengers, traveling on the same itinerary.

Must all passengers travel on the same itinerary?

In principle, Yes! However, most airline allow a certain percentage of deviations on either direction. However, deviation must have one common segment with the rest of the group, ans it can be on a one way basis only.

(certain airline restriction apply)

Is the group airfare guaranteed? How about the taxes?

Once confirmed by Traveland and accepted by you, the airfare is guaranteed. However, taxes and airline impose charges are always adjusted at time of final payment and ticketing .

In most cases, Traveland will continue to monitor your group airfare and renegotiate the fare with the airline.

Do we have to pay for luggage on group airfares?

All domestic group fares are subject to luggage fees. However, most international airfares provide for a free checked bag. Traveland will check the airline policy each time a new group airfare is booked and advise you

Can I accumulate miles while traveling on a group flight?

Yes, Absolutely

Why do I see lower airfare on individual tickets compared to group tickets?

In most cases, booking with Traveland, an individual ticket may be equal or slightly lower than the group airfare

Airline fares are dynamic and calculated based upon inventory of available seats at time of booking. Therefore, to guarantee the airfare, you must pay and ticket instantly.

Group airfare may be higher as they are taking the majority of the lower airfares and resulting in a higher risk for the airlines. A group fare can be secured with a minimal deposit only.

What’s the difference between group airfare and individual airfare?

the table below illustrated the basic differences between the airfare


FeatureIndividual TicketGroup ticket
Advance BookingUp to 330 days in advanceUp to 330 days in advance
Airfare guaranteeYesYes
Airfare depositNoYes
AirfareSame or lower than group fareSame or higher than ind. fare
PaymentAt time of reservation35-45 days before
Name changesNot allowedAllowed (with a fee)
Number of passengersOne and above10 travelers minimum

Do you offer a Tour Conductor ticket for free?

Most airline do offer an incentive and provide a tour conductor ticket. The ‘free’ ticket is usually subject to all airline-imposed surcharges and taxes. It is provided by the airlines based on travel dates, gateways cities, season and number of travelers.

Calculate your group deadlines:

    ***These deadlines are approximate only and design to provide illustration of your group life cycle only. The ONLY binding deadlines are detailed on your confirmation invoice.


    We can book a group up to 330 days in advance
    A commitment for the group is usually 30 days after booking
    We always renegotiate any airline contract as early as 200 days before departure
    This will be the last day to cancel or reduce the group without any penalty
    Names are due to the Traveland. You will receive the names after for additional correction
    Final payment and ticketing are due.
    We wish you a safe trip! Our agents monitor your departure and return flights