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Eitan Battat
Eitan has been an entrepreneur all of his life. Yes, he falls into that category of “serial entrepreneur”.
He has arrived in the United States in 1976, in pursuit of a career as a medical doctor. However, needed an outlet for his entrepreneurial spirit. Within a few short years, he initiated and partnered in several successful business ventures, including promotional products for the satellite communications industry, corporate and leisure travel, wholesale tour operation, conference planning and real estate development in the US and the Caribbean and publishing a book series which was in national distribution. Eitan Battat is the COO of Traveland Group Department and co- founder of Traveland, a full service travel management company, now celebrating its 40th year anniversary, has grown over the past years and now specialize in group travel and luxury cruises.  Eitan has over 40 years experience in the hospitality industry.

In the past 12 months the group department assisted over 10,000 students, passengers and many families travel in groups, as well as individuals.

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Phone: 203-929-6000 ext 223

Erika White
Erika has been with Traveland for over thirty years. She loves to see where people are traveling, she loves the office, the staff and the overall environment. Erika was born in Hungary, and emigrated with her family as a child to the US. Her first job in high school was at the local travel agency, and she loved it so much, that’s all she’s done since!

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Phone: 203-929-6000 ext 228

Aviv Maoz
Aviv has been advising the wonderful people at Traveland for one and a half years. He likes being able to advise a business that is constantly evolving and developing while looking at all aspects of the business, such as legal compliances, etc. It is challenging and requires creativity. He is an Israeli lawyer, who has been practising law and helping the business to grow while maintaining great cultural and legal standards for the past ten years. Aviv advises regarding Israeli Law, compliance, and business development. Aviv grew up in Israeli and is Israeli in spirit and body.

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Shira Yaniv

Shira has been a part of the Traveland team for more than 3 years. She is a certified lawyer in Israel with a master’s degree in business law.She is an experienced Strategic Director with more than 10 years of experience in the Project Management field.
Shira utilizes her expertise in setting and implementing the company’s business process and procedures which contributed to a simplified and easy to manage work flow who allowed the company’s growth and success. Consequently, the work flow created became the blue print for Traveland proprietary software. Shira continues to counsel Traveland on business strategy, organization development, employee incentives, training and workflow improvements.

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Melissa Barcic
Melissa has been with Traveland for almost three years. She has been in the travel industry for over ten yers, and is Traveland’s Senior Project Manager, so she manages international flight logistics, as well as domestic group feeder flights. She feels it’s is a gift to send so many students to experience new cultures by traveling internationally. Besides travel, Melissa loves swimming and boating.

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Phone: 203-929-6000 ext 246

Kevin Boubille

Kevin completed his BA in tourism, then worked with a tour operator specializing in tropical island tourism for several years before joining the team at Traveland to do what he knows best: travel to the Mediterranean, his original home. Kevin grew up in Southern France and moved to the US in 2014 to explore the American Dream. At Traveland, he appreciates that every group is different and comes with a different set of challenges.

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Phone: 203-929-6000 ext 259

Allyson Rose Orzo

Ally has been with Traveland for nearly two years. She loves that the job feels like a family and that every day is a new puzzle to solve. Allyson grew up in Fairfield, CT and has a cat who thinks she is a dog. She’s an avid hula hooper, and just got a passport, so is eager to begin exploring the world.

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Phone: 203-929-6000 ext 255

Sherryl Tirana Ramdial

Sherryl has over ten years in the travel/air industry, and loves the industry and the people in it. Sherryl is from Trinidad originally, and grew up in Queens, NY for 16 years. She recently relocated to Connecticut, and loves the beautiful scenery, friendly atmosphere, and awesome local activities. She is glad to be a part of a fantastic team here at Traveland!

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Phone: 203-929-6000 ext 253

Gabriel Rosen

Gabriel (Gabe) is new to the travel industry, and looking forward to continuing to learn as much as he can in this new field of work! So far, he really enjoys interacting with clients and assisting in the group flights process. Gabe grew up in Connecticut and has always enjoyed the outdoors. In his free time, he tries to find new hiking locations, and has travelled independently around the UK and Iceland. When he’s not traveling or at Traveland, cooking is one of his favorite hobbies.

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Phone: 203-929-6000 ext 259

Janet B. Walsh
Director Corporate Travel & Training

Janet  has over thirty years in the hospitality and travel industry, nearly two of those have been with Traveland. She has had a lifelong passion for the industry, in which she assists young travelers with their needs in order to meet their journeys and travel to the Holy Land. Creating and mentoring a dedicated team to assist spiritual individuals to make their dreams come true is more than a job for Janet, it’s a joy. Being in the industry, she loves to travel, and take nature photos along the way. Her travel bug has slowed down some since the arrival of her new grandson, but now she has a new favorite subject to photograph.

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Phone: 203-929-6000 ext 261

Rebecca Craft

Rebecca has been in the travel industry for 22 years, and with Traveland for two of them. She likes that her work at Traveland, arranging individual tickets and working with Honeymoon Israel, is a constant challenge. Rebecca grew up in Vermont.

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Phone: 203-929-6000 ext 256

Surina Recio

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Email: Surina@travel

Phone: 203-929-6000 ext 265

Janin Robinson

 Janin Robinson is in her first year with Traveland. She loves the work environment, that she learns something new every day, and that she gets to work with college students. She was born in Germany and has also lived in Spain and Greece before moving to the USA. She loves to travel, and is very active, from swimming, to going to the gym, to riding her bike. She is a big beach lover!

Carla J. Codespoti

Carla has been with Traveland nearly five years; beforehand she worked in engineering, and traveled personally as much as absolutely possible. She enjoys working with a great team at Traveland to provide clients with the best customer service. Personal attention is rare in our automated world, and Carla takes pride in Traveland’s ability to respond directly to the needs of our customers. She grew up at the base of the mountains in Colorado, but now has deep family roots in the Northeast. For Carla, faith, family, and friends are the most important and she volunteers as much as possible. She has a lifelong love for travel, especially exploring places of natural beauty on this incredible earth, with a camera in hand.

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Phone: 203-929-6000 ext 244

Tal Samson Battat

Tal has been with Traveland for 4 years and it is a 3rd generation employee in Traveland Family. Tal is responsible for creating Graphics and marketing materials for Traveland. Tal enjoys traveling to Italy to watch his favorite soccer team (Juventus) play. When he is not at work he can be found crafting any number of things and playing with his dog Toast.

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Phone: 203-929-6000 ext 234