Meet Our Team Of Dedicated Travel Experts

Eitan Battat
Eitan’s journey as an entrepreneur spans his entire life, and he fits the description of a “serial entrepreneur.” His arrival in the United States in 1976 with aspirations of becoming a medical doctor took an entrepreneurial turn due to his innate drive. Over a few brief years, he initiated and partnered in numerous successful business ventures. These ventures encompassed a range of industries, including promotional products for satellite communications, corporate and leisure travel, wholesale tour operations, conference planning, real estate development in both the US and the Caribbean, and even publishing a book series with nationwide distribution.

Notably, Eitan Battat holds the position of Chief Operating Officer (COO) at the Traveland Group Department and stands as a co-founder of Traveland, a comprehensive travel management company. As Traveland commemorates its 40th anniversary, it’s remarkable to observe how the company has flourished and evolved over the years. It has honed its specialization in group travel and luxury cruises, becoming a standout player in the industry. Eitan Battat’s expertise in the hospitality sector spans over four decades, underscoring his deep-rooted knowledge and insights. His entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with his extensive experience, has undoubtedly been pivotal in driving the growth and success of Traveland.

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Erika White
Erika has been an integral part of the Traveland team for an impressive span of over three decades. Her unwavering commitment is evident in her genuine enthusiasm for witnessing people’s journeys to various destinations. Beyond the travel itself, Erika has developed a deep fondness for the office atmosphere, her colleagues, and the overall work environment at Traveland. Erika’s personal background adds a unique dimension to her career trajectory. Having been born in Hungary and immigrating to the United States with her family during her childhood, she brings a rich cultural perspective to her role. Interestingly, her initial exposure to the travel industry dates back to her high school days when she embarked on her professional journey at a local travel agency. Erika’s profound affection for her work was so potent that it has remained her sole professional pursuit ever since. Her enduring dedication and authentic passion for the travel industry have undoubtedly contributed to Traveland’s success over the years. Erika’s journey from her roots in Hungary to her current role as an integral part of Traveland’s team is a testament to her unwavering commitment and love for the world of travel.

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Carla Codespoti
Office Manager
Carla became an integral member of the Traveland team in November 2014, assuming the role of Director of Administration while also holding a key position within the Accounting Department. Prior to her tenure at Traveland, Carla had established herself in the engineering sector, a background that has significantly enriched her approach to her responsibilities in the travel industry. Her meticulous attention to detail, a hallmark of her engineering background, has seamlessly transitioned into her work within the travel domain. Collaborating with the dynamic team at Traveland has been a source of immense satisfaction for Carla. Her focus is on fortifying professional relationships, enhancing communication protocols, and optimizing systems and workflows. This concerted effort is geared towards supporting Traveland’s ongoing expansion, particularly as the travel landscape evolves following the impact of the pandemic.

Carla’s personal journey is equally compelling. She grew up in the picturesque surroundings of the Colorado mountains, a backdrop that has likely influenced her appreciation for natural beauty. However, her familial ties are deeply rooted in the Northeastern United States, providing her with a diverse cultural perspective. At the core of Carla’s values lie faith, family, and friends, which she prioritizes alongside her professional pursuits. Notably, she is an avid volunteer, demonstrating her commitment to giving back to her community. Carla’s affinity for travel extends beyond her professional realm; it’s a lifelong passion. She finds joy in exploring the world’s natural wonders and capturing their essence through the lens of her camera. This profound connection to travel mirrors her dedication to her role at Traveland, where she contributes to the company’s success while pursuing her personal love for exploration.

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Shira Yaniv

Shira has been a part of the Traveland team for more than 3 years. She is a certified lawyer in Israel with a master’s degree in business law.She is an experienced Strategic Director with more than 10 years of experience in the Project Management field.
Shira utilizes her expertise in setting and implementing the company’s business process and procedures which contributed to a simplified and easy to manage work flow who allowed the company’s growth and success. Consequently, the work flow created became the blue print for Traveland proprietary software. Shira continues to counsel Traveland on business strategy, organization development, employee incentives, training and workflow improvements.

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Kevin Boubille
Team Leader

Kevin holds a Bachelor’s degree in tourism and subsequently gained substantial experience with a tour operator that specialized in tropical island tourism. Following this, he strategically transitioned to Traveland, leveraging his expertise to contribute to the company’s objectives. Drawing from his origins in Southern France, Kevin’s affinity for the Mediterranean prompted him to focus on facilitating travel experiences to his native region. Having emigrated to the United States in 2014 to pursue the American Dream, Kevin embodies the spirit of exploration and adaptation. His tenure at Traveland is characterized by his astute recognition of the distinct dynamics inherent in every group. Kevin adeptly navigates the varying challenges presented by each group, demonstrating an innate ability to tailor solutions and ensure successful outcomes. This personalized approach not only enhances customer satisfaction but also contributes to Traveland’s continued growth and reputation for excellence in the industry.

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Melissa Barcic
Senior Project Manager
Melissa boasts an impressive tenure of nearly eight years with Traveland, showcasing her steadfast commitment and deep integration within the company. With a prolific career spanning over fifteen years in the travel industry, Melissa holds the distinguished role of Senior Project Manager-Special Accounts, where she orchestrates the intricate web of international flight logistics.  Her role goes beyond mere management; it’s a strategic orchestration of moving parts that ensures seamless global mobility. Melissa finds profound gratification in her ability to facilitate transformative journeys that expose countless individuals to diverse cultures through international travel. This role is not just a profession but a calling—a conduit for enriching lives through the power of exploration.

Beyond her professional achievements, Melissa’s personal pursuits are equally inspiring. A fervent lover of aquatic activities, she finds solace and energy in swimming and boating. These passions mirror her dedication to navigation, whether it’s managing flight paths or navigating the open waters of her hobbies. In Melissa, Traveland has a luminary whose experience, passion, and strategic prowess contribute significantly to the company’s success, while her personal interests serve as a reminder that a well-rounded professional is the embodiment of a balanced and fulfilled life.

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Tiphani Benbow
Travel Coordinator
Tiphani has been an esteemed member of the Traveland team for the last five years, bringing a wealth of passion and dedication to her role. Following a transformative travel experience of her own, Tiphani underwent a career transition, choosing to channel her enthusiasm into curating unforgettable travel journeys for others. Her personal journey from traveler to travel professional underscores her commitment to crafting exceptional experiences. At Traveland, Tiphani’s responsibilities are focused on working closely with diverse clientele to orchestrate group travel ventures, particularly to destinations like Israel. Her role allows her to play a pivotal part in facilitating cultural exploration and enabling individuals to immerse themselves in new cultures. The significance of her contribution is not lost to her, and she approaches her responsibilities with a sense of humility and purpose.

Tiphani’s engagement extends beyond her professional role. Her own insatiable appetite for exploration often sees her embarking on new adventures around the globe. When she’s not on the move, she channels her creativity into other pursuits. Photography serves as an outlet for her artistic expression, while her culinary talents shine through in her inventive cooking endeavors. Tiphani’s dedication to both her profession and her personal passions has undoubtedly made her an asset to Traveland. Her ability to connect with clients, combined with her genuine love for travel and cultural discovery, ensures that the experiences she helps create are both meaningful and memorable.

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Julia LaMartina
Project Manager
Julia LaMartina became a valued addition to the Traveland team in January 2023, bringing fresh perspectives and energy to her role. Her recent graduation from the University of New Haven, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in hospitality management with a concentration in hotels and resorts, underscores her commitment to her chosen field. Julia’s current position as a Project Manager provides her with a platform to apply and enhance the skills she honed throughout her academic journey. An exceptional quality that distinguishes Julia is her active listening prowess, which enables her to remain fully engaged in the projects she undertakes. This attentiveness ensures that she comprehends and addresses the intricacies of each task effectively. Her proactive attitude and readiness to tackle new challenges are emblematic of her dedication to her work. Julia’s presence is indeed a source of positivity within the workplace. Her infectious smile and vibrant personality have the power to brighten any room she enters. As a Project Manager, Julia is granted the privilege of witnessing a diverse array of unique and exciting travel plans take shape, a facet of her job that she holds in high regard.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Julia possesses a range of personal interests. Her fondness for reading and engagement with anime highlights her multifaceted nature. These passions contribute to her well-roundedness and likely serve as sources of inspiration in her daily work. Julia’s early achievements and her ability to seamlessly integrate her academic knowledge into her practical role at Traveland signal a promising trajectory in her career. Her dedication to the industry, her capacity to adapt, and her joyful demeanor all contribute to the positive impact she undoubtedly has on the company and its endeavors.

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Doanh Thieu
Project Manager
In terms of Doanh’s skill set, she possesses a strong aptitude for rapid skill and knowledge acquisition, allowing her to adeptly adjust to dynamic tasks and evolving requirements. This capacity enables her to swiftly adapt to changes. Furthermore, Doanh’s proclivity for thriving in fast-paced environments contributes to her ability to efficiently manage multiple tasks, ensuring optimal outcomes. At Traveland, she holds a high regard for the prevailing company culture. The environment is characterized by its positive and collaborative atmosphere. This fosters an opportunity for robust engagement with colleagues and an effective contribution to team accomplishments. Outside of the professional sphere, Doanh engages in a personal pursuit—hiking alongside friends and her canine companion, Lady. This recreational endeavor not only maintains her physical activity but also serves as a means to remain connected with the natural world, a source of revitalization for her.

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Rebecca Craft
Team Leader - Schools & Education

Rebecca Craft, a seasoned expert and Team Leader for Schools and Education, brings an illustrious career spanning 26 years within the travel industry. Her unwavering dedication to her craft is evidenced by her exceptional achievements and impactful contributions. Rebecca’s niche lies in curating extraordinary experiences, with a specialization in crafting unforgettable journeys for honeymooners, particularly through the lens of Honeymoon Israel. Beyond this, her collaborative efforts extend to a roster of esteemed organizations including Alexander Muss High School in Israel, TALMA, and the Jewish National Fund. At the core of Rebecca’s professional journey is her ardent passion for travel, which fuels her pursuit of creating journeys that transcend the ordinary. Her innate ability to design experiences that resonate deeply with clients showcases her unique understanding of the transformative power of travel. In an industry that thrives on connections and meaningful interactions, Rebecca’s commitment to delivering profound and life-enriching journeys is what sets her apart. Her profound impact on individuals and groups alike is a testament to her unparalleled dedication. With Rebecca at the helm, the Schools and Education team stands as a beacon of excellence, a guiding force that champions both educational growth and the spirit of adventure.

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Janin Robinson
Team Leader - Special Accounts

Janin’s professional specialization and contributions to Traveland are built upon a diverse skill set that sets her apart. This repertoire includes a well-established proficiency in designing and overseeing streamlined processes—an essential catalyst for optimizing efficiency and effectiveness within the company. Furthermore, her robust leadership acumen empowers her to adeptly guide and supervise teams, fostering a collaborative environment that propels us towards collective triumph. A particular standout in her skill arsenal is the ability to seamlessly coordinate and manage domestic flight bookings, ensuring that travel logistics maintain a seamless flow. A cornerstone of her role at Traveland that we hold in high regard is the latitude for creative expression and innovative thinking when it comes to project execution. This freedom to explore novel approaches not only enriches her professional journey but also contributes substantively to the ongoing expansion of our operational horizons.

In a more personal vein, a glimpse into her life reveals a deep-seated affinity for the beach and swimming—an embodiment of my proclivity for leisure and relaxation in the embrace of aquatic surroundings. Furthermore, her roots trace back to Germany, the place of her birth and upbringing. This cultural foundation infuses Janin with a multi-faceted perspective and a wealth of experiences, thereby shaping the unique lens through which she perceives the world and approaches her work. In essence, the synthesis of Janin’s specialized skills and personal attributes forms a dynamic profile that seamlessly aligns with Traveland’s bedrock principles of excellence and innovation. Her unwavering commitment to bolstering efficiency, fostering leadership, and meticulously attending to details, combined with an unwavering passion for creativity and a rich cultural perspective, collectively propels her contribution to the company’s resounding success.

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Janet Walsh
Team Leader - Special Services

Janet, a distinguished Team Leader for Special Services, stands as a pillar of experience in the travel industry, boasting an impressive track record of over 30 years. Her seasoned expertise encompasses a comprehensive spectrum, ranging from training initiatives and corporate travel management to the creation of streamlined operational procedures. Throughout her illustrious career, Janet’s defining trait has been her unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional customer experiences while optimizing the intricate machinery of travel operations. This commitment reflects her acute understanding of the symbiotic relationship between customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. Janet’s extensive reservoir of knowledge and her steadfast commitment to the industry render her an invaluable asset in the ever-evolving landscape of travel. Her seasoned insight and leadership prowess navigate the team towards success, even in the face of dynamic challenges.

Beyond her professional sphere, Janet’s personal pursuits are a testament to her vitality. As a Connecticut native, she finds solace in the great outdoors, relishing in activities like hiking, golf, and the tranquility of the beach. As a fervent admirer of nature, Janet’s lens captures the world’s beauty through her photography, preserving the essence of her travels and explorations. However, amidst all these passions, Janet’s true source of joy lies in the intangibles—faith, family, and friends. These values are the cornerstone of her life, resonating with a fulfillment that emanates from the depth of her being. With Janet’s leadership, the Special Services team not only excels professionally but also epitomizes a holistic approach to life’s many facets.

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Rebecca Delvalle
Student Services

Rebecca DelValle holds a dynamic role as a Hybrid Project/Travel Manager within Traveland’s Passages department. Her journey with Traveland commenced in July 2022 following her graduation from the University of New Haven, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Event and Tourism Management, along with an associate degree in small business management with a concentration in Entrepreneurship. With a background deeply rooted in the hospitality industry, Mrs. DelValle’s professional trajectory has been strongly shaped by her experiences in this sector. These experiences have not only endowed her with adept people skills but have also fortified her ability to thrive under pressure, exemplifying the utmost importance of punctuality— a trait she consistently adheres to, never being late. Mrs. DelValle’s commitment to giving back extends beyond her work at Traveland. Her involvement as a volunteer and Regional Vice President of Fundraising with NERA (New England Region Alumni Association) of Phi Theta Kappa speaks to her dedication to both education and community engagement. Furthermore, her contribution to the CTNEXT Higher Education Entrepreneurship Advisory Committee highlights her proactive participation in shaping the future of entrepreneurship education.

Beyond her professional commitments, Mrs. DelValle’s passion for event coordination and planning shines through. Whether it’s orchestrating decorations, meal preparations, or all the intricacies in between, she finds immense satisfaction in these endeavors. In her role at Traveland, Mrs. DelValle finds solace in the camaraderie of her management team and colleagues. The cohesive and supportive atmosphere at Traveland resonates deeply with her, and she considers herself fortunate to be embraced as part of the Traveland family. A highlight of her travel experiences has been a visit to Israel, an adventure facilitated by Traveland’s Fam trip in January 2023. The impact of this journey exceeded her expectations, and she eagerly anticipates returning with her husband. Rebecca DelValle’s diverse background, commitment to excellence, and genuine enthusiasm for her work make her a valuable asset to Traveland. Her seamless blend of professional expertise and personal passions align with the company’s values, further enriching the team and the experiences they create for their clients.

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Surina Barriera
Travel Manager

Surina assumed the role of Travel Manager at Traveland in January 2019, where she undertakes a wide array of responsibilities, ranging from individual domestic reservations to orchestrating intricate international group contracts. Her specialization predominantly lies within the Passages department, where she dedicates herself to sourcing cost-effective flights for each traveler. Moreover, Surina’s commitment extends beyond the booking phase—she remains available during travel dates to aid in case of emergencies, ensuring the well-being of Traveland’s clients throughout their journeys. A fundamental aspect of Surina’s role is ensuring that travelers’ inquiries are addressed comprehensively, fostering a sense of confidence and ease as they embark on their adventures. Her dedication to this facet of her job contributes to the overall travel experience, underscoring Traveland’s commitment to customer satisfaction. Surina’s linguistic versatility is an asset to Traveland, as she adeptly serves Spanish-speaking customers. Born and raised in the Dominican Republic, Spanish is her primary language, enabling her to connect with and assist clients from Spanish-speaking regions.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Surina’s personal life is equally vibrant. Her leisure moments are often spent with her husband, daughter, and their canine companion. Engaging in activities such as dancing and leisurely walks contribute to her balanced lifestyle. Furthermore, her culinary skills shine through as she crafts wholesome meals for her family or indulges in baking delectable desserts. Surina’s multifaceted role at Traveland, coupled with her dedication to customer satisfaction, aligns seamlessly with the company’s mission. Her cultural background, linguistic proficiency, and commitment to her craft make her an invaluable asset to the team, ensuring that Traveland’s clients receive exceptional service throughout their travel journeys.

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Diane Proto
Travel Manager

Diane Proto holds the esteemed role of Travel Manager at Traveland, where her expertise and leadership shine. Her journey with our company commenced in July 2022, following a distinguished tenure at American Airlines, where she served as a General Manager. Diane’s specialization lies in curating individual travel experiences to Israel and orchestrating group travel endeavors, all while ensuring a seamless and enjoyable journey for each traveler. With a remarkable track record, she brings a wealth of knowledge and finesse to the table, making her an invaluable asset to our clients. Fueling her role is Diane’s undeniable passion for the world of travel. Her years of experience in the industry are a treasure trove she eagerly shares with Traveland’s clients. She finds great joy in connecting with clients, drawing from her own wealth of experiences to enhance their journeys.

During her leisure time, Diane embraces her love for exploration, embarking on personal travels and relishing moments spent with her husband, children, and beloved grandsons. She takes pleasure in engaging with clients, valuing their feedback and relishing in the tales of their own travel escapades. Among the myriad of destinations she’s encountered, Florida holds a special place in Diane’s heart—a locale that resonates deeply with her. Her aspirations even extend to purchasing a winter home in this charming destination. In conclusion, Diane Proto’s presence as a Travel Manager at Traveland brings a blend of expertise, passion, and dedication to our team and clients alike. Her ability to seamlessly merge her professional acumen with her personal zest for travel enhances the experiences of those who entrust their journeys to Traveland.

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Phone: 203-929-6000 ext 263

Ray Franko
Travel Manager
Ray became an integral part of the Traveland team in 2023, capitalizing on over three decades of expertise within the travel industry. Throughout his remarkable career, Ray has consistently focused on the intricacies of corporate and group travel, shaping him into a seasoned specialist in this dynamic sector.

In an industry marked by constant change and formidable challenges, Ray’s unwavering commitment to providing exceptional customer service shines through. His extensive background is more than a mere asset to the Traveland team—it’s a cornerstone of their dedication to excellence.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Ray’s personal life is a testament to his boundless energy. With a passion for adventure and an ever-active lifestyle, he, alongside his wife and two sons, readily embraces a plethora of seasonal activities. As a fervent winter enthusiast, Ray thrives on the adrenaline of activities like ice hockey and skiing, exemplifying his zest for life’s diverse experiences.

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Phone: 203-929-6000 ext 277

Karen Aletto
Senior Accountant

Karen Aletto has been an integral member of the Traveland Accounting Team since September 2018, contributing her expertise and attention to detail to various aspects of the company’s operations. With a background in architectural design, Karen’s discerning eye and precision have proven invaluable in her role. Her involvement extends to collaborating on software development projects at Traveland, where she actively participates in enhancing the company’s technological infrastructure, all the while ensuring quality control measures are met. Karen’s affinity for travel has deep roots, making her immersion in the travel industry a seamless fit. Her and her husband’s shared enthusiasm for exploring new destinations has been a constant source of excitement. The couple’s shared passion for diving has taken them on extensive journeys across the Caribbean, allowing them to experience the beauty of underwater worlds. Beyond the turquoise waters, they’ve also savored the rich cultures and landscapes of Europe, Mexico, Micronesia, and most recently, Africa. Karen’s diverse background, keen attention to detail, and love for travel contribute to the synergy she brings to the Traveland Accounting Team. Her role in software development and quality control underscores her commitment to the company’s advancement and dedication to ensuring impeccable service for clients.


Jennifer DaSilva
Senior Accountant

Jennifer serves as an indispensable member of the Traveland accounting team, contributing her expertise as an assistant. Her responsibilities encompass a range of critical tasks, including overseeing accounts receivable and developing detailed documents and databases for both internal and external utilization. Jennifer’s commitment to clarity and comprehensibility in her work is a driving force, ensuring that all parties involved can easily understand and engage with the materials she produces. Having a profound love for travel has been a constant in Jennifer’s life journey. Her extensive travel experiences span 10 foreign countries and 16 different states within the US. Her passion for exploration is deeply tied to her appreciation for nature, and she actively seeks out local cuisines to enrich her travel experiences. Jennifer’s zest for adventure and her dedication to exploring the world align seamlessly with her role at Traveland.

Outside of her professional and travel pursuits, Jennifer is committed to giving back to her community through volunteering efforts. Additionally, she finds joy in spending quality time with her family, emphasizing the importance of work-life balance. Jennifer’s multifaceted background, attention to detail, and love for travel make her an asset to the Traveland team. Her capacity to streamline financial operations and create user-friendly documentation is a testament to her dedication to providing value to both the company and its clients.


Chrissy Oliver
Senior Accountant

Chrissy has been an integral part of the Traveland team for nearly a decade, a remarkable tenure that speaks to her dedication and commitment. Her unique status as a 2nd generation employee underscores her deep-rooted connection to the company’s legacy. Within the accounting department, Chrissy plays a crucial role, offering her assistance and demonstrating a knack for technology that is recognized and admired by her colleagues. One of Chrissy’s distinguishing qualities is her tech-savviness, a skill that she brings to her role with great efficacy. Her ability to navigate and leverage technology enhances the efficiency of the accounting team’s operations, contributing to the overall success of Traveland.

The flexibility that Traveland provides in terms of work-life balance resonates deeply with Chrissy. This equilibrium allows her to effectively manage her professional responsibilities while indulging in her frequent travel pursuits. Her wanderlust is a defining aspect of her life, with her travel escapades spanning both international and domestic destinations. Chrissy’s curiosity about different cultures is a driving force behind her travel adventures, and her affinity for exploring new cuisines is a particularly prominent aspect of her journeys. Chrissy’s enduring presence and her dynamic role within the Traveland team showcase her valuable contributions. Her adeptness with technology, coupled with her passion for travel and cultural exploration, align harmoniously with the company’s ethos. Her multi-faceted engagement adds to the vibrancy of the Traveland community, reflecting the firm’s commitment to both professional excellence and personal enrichment.


Tal Battat
Design & Marketing

Tal has been a dedicated member of the Traveland team for years, marking a significant period of contribution and growth. His unique status as a 3rd generation employee within the Traveland Family exemplifies his deep connection to the company’s heritage and values. In his capacity, Tal is entrusted with the critical role of crafting graphics and developing marketing materials, thereby playing an instrumental part in shaping Traveland’s visual identity and communication strategies. Tal’s role reflects his artistic prowess, and his dedication to creating engaging and impactful graphics is evident in his work. His efforts contribute to enhancing Traveland’s brand presence and effectively communicating its offerings to clients. Tal’s dedication to his role as a graphic creator and his immersion in the Traveland community are reflections of his commitment to the company’s success. His contribution to marketing materials and his engagement with the Traveland brand demonstrate his alignment with the company’s mission. His personal pursuits, whether in sports, creative endeavors, or companionship, further enrich his contributions to the team.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Tal’s passion for travel is equally pronounced. A notable aspect of his travels involves visiting Italy to watch his favorite soccer team, Juventus, in action. This personal interest not only showcases his enthusiasm for sports but also underscores his affinity for cultural experiences. When Tal steps away from his work, he embraces a different form of creativity. Crafting various items speaks to his artistic sensibilities, showcasing his ability to channel his talents into different outlets. Additionally, his bond with his dog, Toast, highlights his love for companionship and a balanced lifestyle.

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Erin Galloway
Registration Management

Erin has recently completed her inaugural year with Traveland, marking the successful commencement of her journey within the company. One notable aspect that resonates with Erin is the strong sense of camaraderie that permeates the Traveland team. Her positive experience in this regard highlights the company’s commitment to fostering a collaborative and supportive work environment. While Erin is new to the travel industry, her own extensive travel experiences have equipped her with valuable insights. Notably, she brings a unique perspective as someone who has lived and worked in the Netherlands, affording her a firsthand understanding of diverse cultures and international dynamics. Additionally, Erin’s extensive touring across Europe reflects her passion for exploration and adventure. Erin’s blend of fresh perspectives, diverse experiences, and her appreciation for team unity contribute to the mosaic of skills and qualities she brings to Traveland. Her ability to seamlessly integrate her own travel history with her role aligns with the company’s ethos, making her a promising asset to the team as she embarks on her journey in the travel industry.

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Phone: 203-929-6000 ext 272

Liana DiCurzio
Travel Insurance Team Leader

Liana’s career in the travel industry spans over 25 years, during which she has demonstrated unwavering loyalty and commitment to her work. Her expertise lies in coordinating air and land packages for clients, a role in which her vast knowledge has allowed her to craft exceptional travel experiences. This experience has made her an invaluable asset to the travel company, as she brings a wealth of insights and insights that contribute to the creation of unforgettable journeys for customers. Upon joining the Traveland family, Liana embarked on a new professional adventure, seeking a role that would challenge her and utilize her skills. This journey led her to the position of Team Lead in the travel protection department. In this role, Liana engages closely with clients, utilizing her in-depth understanding of insurance plans to guide them through their options. Her ability to articulate the nuances of different policies ensures that clients can make informed decisions, selecting insurance plans that align perfectly with their unique needs.

Beyond her professional achievements, Liana’s personal passion for exploration shines through. Her love for discovering new destinations and immersing herself in diverse cultures reflects her belief that these experiences enhance her perspective on travelers’ desires and requirements. Notably, she holds a special affinity for Iceland, where witnessing the Northern Lights has left a lasting impression. Her attachment to Italy, her home country, is equally strong, and she embraces the opportunity to share its culture through her culinary creations. In essence, Liana’s extensive tenure in the travel industry, coupled with her dedication and adaptability, make her an integral member of the Traveland team. Her ability to merge her personal love for travel with her professional acumen enhances the quality of service offered to clients and underscores her commitment to providing exceptional travel experiences.

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Phone: 203-929-6000 ext 257

Kendra Miller
Travel Insurance Sales

Kendra represents a fresh and promising addition to the Traveland Team, bringing her talents to both the hospitality industry and our company. Having joined us within the past year, she has quickly established herself as a valuable member of the Travel Insurance Department. Despite being relatively new to our organization, Kendra boasts an impressive track record, with over a decade of experience in customer service and insurance sales under her belt. Her primary focus is on delivering top-tier assistance to our esteemed travelers, ensuring they have the necessary safeguards to embark on their journeys with a sense of confidence and security. Drawing from her expertise, Kendra is dedicated to helping our clients obtain the protection they rightfully deserve, thereby contributing to their overall travel experience. Kendra’s commitment extends beyond her immediate responsibilities. She readily offers her support and knowledge to her colleagues within the department, fostering a collaborative and cohesive work environment. Her willingness to contribute positively to the team dynamic is indicative of her strong work ethic and her aspiration for professional growth in her new role within the travel industry.

Beyond her dedication to her professional journey, Kendra finds solace and inspiration in her personal interests. Photography allows her to capture and share moments of beauty and wonder, while her love for reading cultivates a constant thirst for knowledge. In line with her appreciation for the natural world, she explores the outdoors alongside a cherished animal companion, an activity that serves as a reminder of the harmony between humans and nature. In summary, Kendra’s emergence as a vibrant force within the Traveland Team demonstrates her readiness to embrace new challenges and excel in uncharted territories. Her blend of customer service prowess, insurance acumen, and dedication to growth mirrors our company’s ethos of providing exceptional service and continuous improvement.

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Phone: 203-929-6000 ext 273