Group Travel Services

The core responsibilities of the Traveland Group Department include negotiating and managing group air reservations, while customizing a safe and outstanding travel experience that meets your goals. Whether it's for a family vacation, corporate outing, school field trip, or special interest group tour, our service ensures that your group can travel together on the same flights or with closely aligned itineraries. We offer tailored services to meet the specific needs of group travelers, including special pricing, preferred seating arrangements, and expert assistance in managing the logistical aspects of your trip.

Booking a group with Traveland will offer you unparalleled communication and flexibility, including:

· No-obligation quotes.
· Competitive group airfare options.
· Refundable deposits.
· Multiple payments options, individual and collective.

Pre-Trip Services

Group Management Services
Group requests are immediately responded to, with accurate options available within 24 hours. Once a group proposal is accepted, two Traveland Managers will be assigned to manage your group. The following services include, but not limited to:
• Processing confirmations and payments.
• Managing online registrations when applicable.
• Communicating with participants.
• Handling route deviations, name manifests, special meals & seating requests.
• Building individual itineraries.
Someone is ALWAYS available and happy to assist your group with any of its needs.
Registration Services
Traveland also provides registration services for your group, for both the airfare and the tour itself. Whether the group reserves their airfare with Traveland or not, we can still manage your tour registration. When working with Traveland, your participants will receive an individual, secure link to register online. Another automated link will also be sent five days prior to final payment. Traveland’s Project Managers can also take registrations via phone or email, provide each participant with trip information, and accept payment for final invoices, while the Travel Managers will send reports and invoices as needed.
Deviations + Individual Tickets
Individual travelers within groups have diverse needs. Some may need to arrive earlier at their destination, some may want to extend their stay. Travel Managers are ready to handle and assist your travelers with any deviations from group flights. In addition, each participant will receive detailed attention for the deviations, including special services, such as special meals or handicap assistance.

During + Post Trip Services

Meet + Greet / Airport Liaisons
Does your group need special assistance and extra care at the airport? Would you prefer guaranteed smooth operations for your group at every step? Traveland liaisons can meet and greet your group upon departure, provide assistance upon arrival, help with connecting flights, ground transportation, and more. Traveland’s experienced personnel are familiar with all airports and able to assist with any needs.
Flight Track
Traveland tracks all outbound and inbound group flights. Traveland’s Travel Managers follow live updates regarding departure and arrival. In most cases, Travel Managers can identify a delay before the airline announcement of such a delay. This part of our process provides a head start in protecting the group by providing emergent alternate flights.
Lost and Delayed Luggage Tracking
For a small fee of $5.00 per ticket, Traveland can provide reimbursements for extended, lost, or delayed luggage. This service will track your bags and send updates to the affected passengers. If bags are not received within 3 days of their original arrival date, the passenger will be reimbursed $1000, regardless of any other insurance claims.

Business & Specialty Services

Meeting & Events Air Travel
Our staff has over 25 years’ experience in meeting planning. In the realm of business travel for meetings and conferences, we ensure seamless air travel for participants arriving from various locations. When you provide us with a date, we take full responsibility for ensuring all participants arrive punctually. Our approach involves a personalized touch for each traveler. This includes:

• Sending out confirmations to verify their participation.
• Offering a comprehensive report detailing their arrival and departure arrangements.
• Providing a detailed billing statement for the entire trip.
• Establishing open channels of communication with all attendees.
• Strict adherence to the allocated budget.
• Efficient handling of expense reporting.
• Offering registration services for your convenience.
• Addressing individual schedule requirements.

Furthermore, our dedicated agents will be available on travel dates to manage any flight delays or cancellations, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for all participants.

Travel Insurance
Travel insurance is an important component of every trip. Traveland is licensed by major travel insurance companies. With Traveland, you can book trip insurance, trip cancellation insurance and medical insurance to protect your group or individuals against sickness, injury, or unexpected circumstances. “Cancel-for-any-reason” insurance is also available for groups and individuals. We’ve got you covered!
Brochure Design
Our in-house graphic design team can quickly design a customized one or two-page brochure for your group. This brochure can include all relevant links for registration and can easily be modified as rates or itineraries are changed.
Special Projects
The Traveland professional Team is comprised of skillful professionals with a variety of talents. The Team can handle special projects which involve transportation for an individual VIP or a large group.

Suppose your organization needs to provide air transportation for multiple participants on an individual basis, the Traveland professional Team can handle it all. The Team will follow the organization protocols, coordinate flights, comply with budgets, collect upgrades from the participants, provide accountability statements, arrival/departure reports prior to the event and manage emergencies 24/7.

Should your organization require a special VIP travel via air-charters, the Traveland Team can handle domestic and international charters. Traveland is connected to a network of charter companies who can handle a range of aircrafts from an executive jet to an Air Bus.
Furthermore, Traveland is connected to wide array of ground transportation vendors and can book private buses and limousines worldwide. Whether the booking is for an individual or a group, your VIP client will always receive the same courteous and professional service.

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